Fresh Thinking Group Technology Director Dave Antrobus Explains The Importance of Team Building

“Exercises involved in team building are aimed at helping the employer identify the strengths and the weaknesses of his employees,” said Fresh Thinking Group CEO and technology director, Dave Antrobus. According to Mr. Antrobus, it might be hard or even impossible to identify the weakness of a certain employee when you are in an office […]

Jack Mason’s Take on the Future of Retail Businesses

A U.K. native, Jack Mason, is a businessman and philanthropist based in Manchester. He’s the CEO of Inc & Co, which he first opened in 2019, aiming to cause a disruptive influence that businesses did not have before. By being part of the entrepreneurship landscape, Jack understands that businesses have their strengths and weaknesses. This […]

 Kevin Seawright Offers Expert Advice To First-Time Homebuyers

When buying a home for the first time, the experience can be intimidating. From learning about closing costs to getting the home appraised and inspected, these tasks can play a significant role in helping the process go smoothly. Rather than make costly mistakes along the way, remember these homebuying tips from expert Kevin Seawright. Improve […]

John Ritenour on Changing the Business Model in Insurance

John Ritenour is the pioneer of creating a business model that prioritizes employees. When he was starting in the insurance industry, the founder of the Insurance Office of America did not have much support for his business concept. However, he overcame the challenge and built his insurance brokerage Insurance Office of America, as an insurance […]

Matthew Fleeger Success as Gulf Coast Western CEO and Proactive Role in Employing Technology in the Industry

Since the old days, the oil and gas industry continue ruling the world. The sector has been at the forefront of human change and development regarding entrepreneurship and global transformation. It provides the stable energy supply that countries have used to support their work for decades. Matthew Fleeger Dallas acknowledges that the sector faces many […]

Beachbody Offers Plant-Based Shakeology for Vegan Diets

Shakeology is a popular product line from Beachbody that now offers an alternative option for people who follow a vegan diet or cannot tolerate whey. Its plant-based vegan shake includes probiotics, prebiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids, adaptogens, fiber and digestive enzymes to promote better gut health. In clinical studies, the mixture was shown to help reduce […]

Randal Nardone, a magnificent and active entrepreneur, and his business journey

Randal Nardone is a famous businessman. He is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and its Principal. He is the Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation. He is also the Vice President at Newcastle Investment Holdings. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and English from the University of Connecticut and even doctorate in Jurisprudence from […]

Maven & New Executive Is Ross Levinsohn

Over his 35 years of work in media, communications and technology, Ross Levinsohn has been able to merge his marketing, branding, networking and business skills in his newest role as Maven’s CEO. Levinsohn’s career started with an entrepreneurial enterprise. It was a successful business that he and his co-founder sold after four years. The beginning […]