Elite Entrepreneur: Roland Dickey Jr

In an article entitled “After Eight Decades, It’s anything But Business As Usual: How Roland Dickey Jr Is Continuing Innovation While Maintaining Tradition For Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants”, Roland Dickey shares how he discovered the secret for mixing innovation with tradition. Dickey Jr.’s focus on sustainable growth during his time as CEO has propelled the company into notoriety.

Roland Dickey Jr. Net Worth is a successful entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, who has been in entrepreneurship for over 40 years. In an interview with The American Reporter, he shares his thoughts on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and how you can get there too.

Roland’s advice includes being knowledgeable about your industry and staying ahead of trends while also being open-minded enough to take risks if it means big payoffs down the line. Roland Dickey Jr.’s success story is one that others should study closely!

“Okay so I’ve been in business for 40 years and first and foremost, what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur is knowledge of the industry. You cannot do this if you don’t know your industry,” Roland Dickey Jr. said. “If you aren’t knowledgeable on the trends of the day, you won’t succeed.” He also spoke on the importance of thinking ahead and predicting where those trends will be headed.

“You have to think ahead, you have to anticipate what is going to happen in your industry as far as three months from now, six months from now.” In his words, “anticipate, don’t predict.” These two things can help you stay one step ahead of the game and the competition.

When thinking about how to be a successful entrepreneur, you must stay as open as possible. “You have to be open-minded enough to take risks if those risks are going to pay dividends down the line.” Roland Dickey Jr.’s advice includes taking those risks, not knowing if they will pay off or not, but by being open-minded and taking a step back to consider the benefits of a chance. “Sometimes you take a leap of faith.” Click here to learn more.

He is the CEO and president of AMI Entertainment Network Inc., which he founded in 2011. The company was formerly known as American Multi-Cinema, Inc., initially started by Roland Dickey Sr back in 1977. He was born in Los Angeles and grew up in California before attending college at Santa Clara University. After graduating, he got a job as an accountant with Arthur Andersen & Co., where he worked for over ten years before leaving to begin building up his own company.


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