Eric Lefkofsky: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Dealing with Cancer

The use of artificial intelligence in the world today seems like a huge achievement that will help in offering some essential solutions to some of the challenging areas. There have been some arguments that artificial intelligence will help the world to get solutions to most of the problems that the world is already facing. That is why there has been some huge buzz around this issue (Youtube).


However, there is very little that has been done in the world today to prove that artificial intelligence will be a major issue that will help in changing the world, Eric Lefkofsky explains. However, despite the underwhelming impact of artificial intelligence in the world today, it is very important to indicate that there has been some organization that has been making maximum use of this technology in various areas.


Tempus has been a leading organization that has been looking to optimize the use of artificial intelligence to deal with some of the major problems it has been facing. He is the person who founded Tempus, and he believes that the use of artificial intelligence stands out as one of the most reliable solutions to some of the extreme healthcare challenges that people have been facing. At Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has already managed to discover that most of the strategies that experts have been using to treat cancer have been wrong. In his view, every person has a different genetic makeup. Therefore, cancer cells tend to mutate differently. Therefore, Eric Lefkofsky has been offering some customized techniques for dealing with cancer cells in each person.


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