Eterneva Adds $3M to Seed Round

Eterneva develops unique diamond technology that changes cremated ashes into diamonds. It is based in Austin. The customers can customize the diamond color, inscription, cut, and size. 27 other venture companies and individuals have joined Springdale in the round. Organizations like,SoGal Ventures, Next Coast Ventures as well as Founder Collective make the list of the new investors. The Crunchbase data show that Eterneva contributed approximately $1.8 million in the angel and seed rounds in 2019, and in total, the agency has $4.8 million since 2016, its inception.

Eterneva’s CEO and co-founder Adelle Archer that the new contribution will be used to develop the Austin laboratory where diamonds grow and even invest in online grief wellness exposure around the other memorial diamonds. The strategy vertically integrates into other sections and helps to build larger lab facilities in Austin to drive more in-house growth.

Eterneva is also assessing the client exposure and wishes to allow more customers to interact with the team and facilitate ash conversion. The company has extra laboratories in Switzerland and Germany.

In 2019, Eterneva’s co-founders Garrett Ozar and Adelle Archer featured on ‘Shark Tank’ and, Mark Cuba, the business mogul backed them. The venture has grown massively and has now served approximately 500 clients. The company has experienced life program celebrations as well as curated grief exploration interpreted by Baylor University.

The study exuberates the real meaning of grief wellness services or brand because folks are popping up with different levels of grief. The Baylor research might extend up to a year to yield better results that have not been done for many years.

In May, the venture decided to render free service packages to crematoriums and funeral homes to digitize the arrangement materials in less than three days. In June, the firm signed the second partnership with funeral homes and crematoriums in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Ohio.