Fresh Thinking Group Technology Director Dave Antrobus Explains The Importance of Team Building

Dave Atrobus“Exercises involved in team building are aimed at helping the employer identify the strengths and the weaknesses of his employees,” said Fresh Thinking Group CEO and technology director, Dave Antrobus. According to Mr. Antrobus, it might be hard or even impossible to identify the weakness of a certain employee when you are in an office setting. The FTG technology director believes that during the normal in office or factory setup, an employee can pretend when they see a supervisor. When the officer in charge leaves, the employee goes back to his/her laxity.

However, Dave Antrobus of the Fresh Thinking Group says when people are on their own, it is easy to know their true colors. “Yes, you are able to know what people are up to when you give them absolute freedom. Working from home has helped employers know that. During these Covid-19 times, people have shown their true characters by not reporting to work, coming in late, or failure to deliver assignments completely,” says Fresh Thinking Group CEO Antrobus. On the other hand, Dave Antrobus believes that if employers and managers choose team building exercises keenly, they will be able to identify the real workers from those that joke. In turn, there is a likelihood of motivating those that show even the slightest laxity.

To start with, Fresh Thinking Group technology director Dave urges company managers to choose the right exercises and the right sessions to conduct the exercises. Even if one does not do that, the Fresh Thinking Group techno director argues that it is possible to create a mark by bringing the employees together through a virtual conference meeting. In his view, Antrobus says that some employees who are now forced to work remotely for the first time, feel isolated from their workmates. “Although there may be a few benefits of working from home, some employees still feel they are distanced from their colleagues. Before Covid-19, these employees were able to see their colleagues and at the same time go back home to meet their families. Since things have now changed, it is possible to feel left out and it is important for managers to seal the gap,” said Fresh Thinking Group technology director, Dave Antrobus.