Getting to Know Justin Halladay


Justin Halladay’s career has been productive and successful.

In the first half of his professional career, Justin Halladay climbed the corporate ladder by synthesizing his skills and interests.

He had plenty of business experience, which he accumulated in fifteen years through his various ventures.

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He has also worked with companies in multiple states in the U.S., not forgetting the World Trade Center, where he worked for six years.

He then went to Jacksonville Beach for half a decade to work for a small software Development Company where he gathered experience that helped him land in Denver, Colorado.

How He Starts His Day and How He Makes It Productive

Halladay begins his day with a Christian devotion together with his family.

After, he visits the gym and sets his mind right.

Being a family man with three young children, he tries to split his time between family, faith, and business.


He suggested that it is always important to surround yourself with people much smarter than you, as idea-sharing and evolution are how you create solutions and eventually products and services.

A great team helps in the long run.


Halladay has been a fan of technology for years, and in his corporate life, he believes technology brings world-class solutions to real-world problems.

Character That Makes Him a Successful Entrepreneur

He believes that you need to get started and be consistent.

One does not need to worry about achieving success because progress is based on goals, no matter how good or great your situation is.

Advice to the Youth

Build relationships with successful people by knowing them and having them in your corner.

His Advice to Fellow Entrepreneurs

Writing down goals and seeing them every day is a way of building wealth and relationships.

His Favorite Book

The Bible

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