Gordonstoun School’s Scarlett Sykes Raises £3,000 for Brain Tumor Research

A student from Gordonstoun School has surprised many by organizing a fundraiser in honor of her fallen stepdad.

According to Scarlett Sykes, it is said that a nobleman like her stepdad would die from a brain tumor, something that the UK government should be encouraging people to go for regular checkups.

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Paul Malcolm, Sykes’ stepdad died aged forty-eight.

A few days before his death, the UK navy officer who doubles as a mental nurse had jetted into the country from a foreign mission in Afghanistan.

According to Sykes, her stepdad was sound in mind and healthy a few days before the brain tumor took his life.

“My dad’s death came to me and my other siblings as a great shock.

He was in stable condition and nobody at home expected this.

The only way I can remember him is by ensuring we have a brain tumor research center,” said Sykes.

However, noble the plan would be, Sykes alone could not manage to raise the money needed for the research center.

The Gordonstoun School student had to look for sponsors and it is at this point that her school chipped in.

On its part, Gordonstoun School allowed Sykes’ colleagues to participate in the fundraising event.

For the students, they were supposed to take part in the bracing morning jog. Besides, Sykes together with a few of her colleagues at school, teachers, and other parties opened a Facebook account.

Thanks to the social media account, the event was known far.

Within a few hours after Gordonstoun School pupils took part in the morning run, and the social media account active, Sykes was able to raise a whopping £3000.

The money will form part of the large amount that will be needed to build the tumor research center that will not only honor Malcolm but also recognize all those that put their lives in the frontline for the better of others.

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