Gordonstoun was founded in the year 1934 as a Christian boarding school that has become one of the leaders and promoters of international education.

The school is situated on an estate near Aviemore, created by the 2nd Duke of Gordonstoun.

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It is often referred to as the Scots Eton, which reflects its claim to providing a more Scottish educational experience than many other schools in Scotland.

The school offers an IB Diploma program and has participated in numerous sporting events, including the 2012 Summer Olympics.


In 1933, the third Duke of Gordon decided to establish a school on his estate at Gordonstoun, next to his father’s house.

The Duke was a liberal-minded parent and sought to provide an education that included the benefits of both traditional and modern schooling.

Therefore, while maintaining many of the typical features of British public schools, it was also intended that Gordonstoun students would receive training in subjects more common in private day schools, such as music and art.

The school was formally established in 1934 by Gordon’s fourth and fifth Dukes.

The school does not have a House System, although students are divided into four sections.

The most prominent building at Gordonstoun is the Mansion, initially constructed by the 2nd Duke of Gordon.

During World War II, an air force base was built on the grounds, including runways less than a mile from the Mansion itself.

Many students were evacuated to North America, most of them going to Canada. The Aviemore campus opened in 1967, one year after NTS had been renamed Gordonstoun School.

In 1970 both the Aviemore campus and the school reopened as co-educational. The school is currently run by Dr. William Notman, who succeeded Dr. Eric Anderson in 2011.


Gordonstoun is one of the most well-known schools globally and one that a duke started with a vision for his area.

It was intended to create an institution free from old-fashioned traditions and instead include all the best aspects of private and public schooling.

Interestingly, this school does not have a house system, but rather, students are split into four different sections.

Gordonstoun’s most famous graduate is Prince Charles

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