History of Rizhao Steel Company in China

Rizhao Iron & Steel is one of the most famous steel manufacturers in the world. It produced quality products for centuries and has been a force to be reckoned with in the steel industry. Sheik District, Beijing is still named after Rizhao Iron & Steel’s original Aisin Zhejiang company. The company has a long and successful history still being followed today.

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  1. Philanthropist Du Shuanghua

In the 19th century, Rizhao Iron & Steel’s founder was a philanthropist named Du Shuanghua. He had made many contributions to the country, and he was also a respected figure in the community. He was said to be a man of great character. He had a large family, and he was also interested in the welfare of his community. He had many good friends, and many people relied on him for their needs. He was a man of great integrity, and he was a great businessman as well.

  1. Rizhao Iron & Steel’s First Company

In 1866, Du Shuanghua opened his first company called Aisin Zhejiang. This company was based in Rizhao, and it was one of the first steel companies to be established in China. The name of this company later became “Rizhao Iron & Steel Company.” Du Shuanghua owned the company, and his three sons managed it. Rizhao iron and steel company was the first company to be established in Sheik District, now known as Rizhao City. It was also the first company to be installed in Zhejiang province.

  1. The Rise of Rizhao Steel Company

Rizhao Iron & Steel was founded and began to produce steel, and it soon became an essential part of the country’s steel production. The government used the company’s products to build the Great Wall. Rizhao also helped support the development of other steel factories in the country. Also, the company was one of the biggest suppliers of steel to the government.