James Gutierrez Describes Social Entrepreneurship

James Gutierrez is a finance and entrepreneur technology specialist who has been fighting for economic fairness. James has a robust belief and drive to achieve social justice. His career is also oriented to establishing institutions from the bottom to the top. James Gutierrez, the famous fintech entrepreneur shares his personal and expatriate journey to inspire many people.

James’ family worked effortlessly to bolster social justice as well as Latino population causes. Gutierrez’s family moved from Mexico to the US and encountered certain challenges cutting across economic issues, adapting to the American culture, alongside other hardships.

James Gutierrez was dedicated to rising to the occasion, and then building wealth that could handle economic inequalities that have been persistent amongst the Mexicans, immigrants, and Latinos among other groups. James’ foundational values have determined his journey and also became the starting point for his professional ventures.

All these values emanated from a great passion for getting equality, and economic justice for the underdeveloped communities in his family and the entire background. James dwelled more on the need for establishing a perfect credit rating as well as the effect of a distorted credit ranging from getting an apartment to a cell phone. The employed individuals in this credit category must pay more money upfront.

James Gutierrez documented how his growth and upbringing as well as his passion has influenced his desire to alter the system and ensure it suits all the working individuals. After finishing studies at Stanford University, Gutierrez established Progreso Financiero, later renamed Opportun, a firm that renders small loans to working families.

The borrowers who manage to repay the loans build their credit, and this wealth generation cycle advanced to help the underbanked communities. James claimed that some borrowers who lacked formal collateral still managed to settle the loans, and this gave him the power to establish a fintech agency.

Learn more about James: https://jamesgutierrez.gumroad.com