Kids Learn Lessons From the Recent Partnership between ClassDojo and Several American Athletes

Millions of kids worldwide do not have adequate role models and mentors who can provide them with important life skill lessons. Steve Mesler, an Olympic gold finalist and the CEO of Classroom Champions, shares that Paralympians and Olympians have more potential of teaching kids important life lessons. The recent partnership between ClassDojo, NBC Olympics and Classroom Champions will provide millions of kids with a group of mentors and role models they can look up to.

The Heart of a Champion series will feature some of the best Olympians and Paralympians in the country. Stories told by athletic champions will undoubtedly help kids learn important focus, endurance, perseverance, courage and many more. One of the participants, David Boudia’s shares that Olympians are the perfect picture of good character and humanity. Therefore, kids will look at Olympians as their mentors because the athletes must have endurance and integrity to succeed. Boudia, a father of three, will specifically teach kids the importance of focus. Based on David’s experiences as a diver, he must focus on realizing his objectives whatever challenge he gets as an athlete.

Sophia Herzog, a Paralympic swimmer, has worked with Classroom Champions for several years. She shares that her participation in the Heart of the Champion series will help her teach kids through her lessons on diversity. Through diversity, kids will be able to make decisions based on different stories, experiences and disabilities. From her previous experiences, Herzog is confident that the new partnership with ClassDojo and NBC Olympics will prepare kids for later adult life effectively. Some of those who will participate in the ClassDojo includes wheelchair rugby player Chuck Aoki, beach volleyball player April Ross and Allyson Felix. The three will teach perseverance, community and courage, respectively. The 10-part series Heart of a Champion will be made open to a public member via the official website of the Class Dojo.

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