Laura Rea Dickey On Cultivating Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Get to know the Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant’s CEO, Laura Rea Dickey, more in an article entitled “Get to Know Dickey’s BBQ CEO and Why She’d Nix Ketchup”.

Her presence at the family-owned food franchise has considerably been magical. Laura Rea Dickey, with many years in the industry she is acquitted with the best technology to drive the business on the upscale. Her roles in the company began in the IT department, where she taught the other staff members the importance of computer technologies. With changes made to incorporate its new strategies and approaches in the market, Laura Rea was uplifted as the company Chief Executive Officer.

With her new roles, Laura has dramatically worked around the clock to bring the best to the table, mainly focusing on developing Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants technology. She took the first step by bringing on board the Big data and business intelligence service provider ioLAP, which would necessitate the development of a system fit for the company.

She brought in the SmokeStack program, and its service was taking the industry by storm. It helped keep accurate information of the supply chain and provide information that would be synthesized at all levels. It includes customer remarks, among others.

Laura Rea Dickey was also actively involved in birthing the consumer app on the IOS store and seizing Amazon’s voice technology through its operations. With such a system, workers can get all the orders in the kitchen set up without the regular movements of the customers. Under her management, Laura Rea saw the company’s steady growth across many county states and its boast to investing in other countries.

With the technology to solve many of the company’s solutions, she has also gained recognition as a powerful woman in tech utilization. She earned her degree from Texas Christian University. She did other stints in other companies, which helped her grow her wits in the industry. She is married and is based in Texas. Go here for related Information.


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