Maven & New Executive Is Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnOver his 35 years of work in media, communications and technology, Ross Levinsohn has been able to merge his marketing, branding, networking and business skills in his newest role as Maven’s CEO. Levinsohn’s career started with an entrepreneurial enterprise. It was a successful business that he and his co-founder sold after four years. The beginning of Levinsohn’s career also included spending several years at Time Warner Sports as a promotions expert and at SportsLine, where he produced syndicated NFL interviews.

In 1999, Levinsohn took a gamble and accepted a role at Alta Vista. The experience led him to appreciate the role of technology in communication. He levied this experience with his next position at Fox Interactive Sports Media. His success there led to his first CEO role, which started in 2004. After serving as Fox Interactive Media’s CEO for two years, Levinsohn tried entrepreneurship once more. He and James Heckman started 5to1, which was a digital advertising firm. Yahoo bought it in 2010.

Through the 2010s, Levinsohn served as an executive then interim CEO at Yahoo. He also worked as the president of the Los Angeles Times, Tribune Interactive, Guggenheim Partners and other communications businesses. Levinsohn couldn’t get away from his passion for entrepreneurship, and he started two other enterprises of his own during the decade.

Heckman contacted Levinsohn in 2019 with a chance to work with him again. Heckman founded Maven after he and Levinsohn sold 5to1. Over the nine-year period, Maven gained ownership of more than 300 digital and printed properties. Its most recent acquisition was Sports Illustrated. Levinsohn accepted Heckman’s offer to update Sports Illustrated for the changing times. He brought in a new team of writers, which attracted a new audience of readers.

In 2020, Heckman decided to step back as Maven’s CEO. He knew that Ross Levinsohn would excel in the role. Ross Levinsohn stepped into the CEO position in August 2020. In the months since then, Levinsohn has reached to bring in new investing partners. He’s also boosted the name recognition and visibility of the firm’s brands. It operates Maxim, Ski Magazine and more.