The Story of Beachbody

Thanks to Beachbody, you don’t need a lot of time, money or available space to work out on a regular basis. Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler, the company prides itself on offering personal wellness solutions that are accessible to everyone. There are more than 85 exercise programs that are designed to meet your needs […]

Maven & New Executive Is Ross Levinsohn

Over his 35 years of work in media, communications and technology, Ross Levinsohn has been able to merge his marketing, branding, networking and business skills in his newest role as Maven’s CEO. Levinsohn’s career started with an entrepreneurial enterprise. It was a successful business that he and his co-founder sold after four years. The beginning […]

The Significance of Haroldo Jacobovicz in the Field of Technology

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a well-known entrepreneur with a wide range of skills to manage businesses effectively. He is an alumnus at the University of Parana. The skills he learned at university were crucial in assisting him in starting his own business. During his time on campus, he chose to pursue a career in information technology […]

 Eterneva Adds $3M to Seed Round

Eterneva develops unique diamond technology that changes cremated ashes into diamonds. It is based in Austin. The customers can customize the diamond color, inscription, cut, and size. 27 other venture companies and individuals have joined Springdale in the round. Organizations like,SoGal Ventures, Next Coast Ventures as well as Founder Collective make the list of the […]

 David Azzato Guides London Communities who Wish to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrency has been changing and creating so much wealth for its investors. David Azzato understands this industry better because he has worked in the finance department for so many years. Many negative comments have been circulating in social media about this form of currency. David Azzato believes that the future of this […]

Jason Hope Secret to Success in Science and Technology Sector

Jason Hope is an investor and educator in the front line looking for innovative methods to solve and treat several diseases. This investor has prevailed in this sector by investing in the mobile technology and science sector. His results have been groundbreaking since people are now benefiting from this investor. Besides investing Jason has created […]