Pivotal Roles held by Jason Hughes in the Business Industry

Jason Hughes is a chief pillar to Hughes Marino, a company he established several years ago. He serves as the CEO and the chairman, overseeing all the organization’s operations. He set the ball rolling for his career in the 1980s when he joined Cushman & Wakefield, based in Los Angeles. After serving for a while, the entrepreneur Jason Hughes relocated to San Diego. His assignment at the new location was, representing shareholders, charity organizations, and leaseholders when conducting their transactions. His services extend to over three decades. 


The outstanding businessman Jason Hughes has worked with his wife Shay to transform the commercial buyer representation industry for the past two decades. They started their company, Hughes Marino, in San Diego to represent tenants and property buyers in the region. The firm has performed exceedingly well, dominating the sector, since its creation. They have extended the business to several parts of the US, making it one of the most famous buyer representation corridors.


Jason Hughes has become a chief leader in the buyer representation industry, where he introduced a new statute, the SB 1171. The bill became effective in 2015 after Governor Brown signed it into law in 2014. With the legislation in place, injustice and unfair operations reduced significantly, as commercial tenants are no longer vulnerable. Jason Hughes attended Pepperdine University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. The scholar went to the University of San Diego, where he earned his Master’s degree. He has been to Harvard University, where he undertook several executive programs. His skills and experience have seen several media houses and magazines feature him in their prime shows. 


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