Richard DeVaul Reclaiming Innovation By Reclaiming Buzzwords

Semantic satiation is a psychological sensation that almost everyone has experienced at one time or the other. If a given word is used severally, it might the meaning and just become incomprehensive sounds. Innovation is a word that has experienced semantic satiation for the last ten years.

Business people and politicians have taken the center stage in creating buzzes in the term innovation. They claim that innovation has been their classified route to success. They have overused and generalized the term to the extent of losing the meaning when anyone says anything about innovation.

Richard DeVaul intends to change this by being an MIT Media Lab graduate with a Ph.D. and M.S. During this period, Richard DeVaul created a programming language and even handled the doctoral dissertation successfully on a wearable support platform.

In an article entitled “Richard DeVaul on Disrupting Innovation Consulting”, Richard DeVaul explains Innovation is about overturning the existing order of things. And while innovation does create great value in the world, that process is not benign. Innovation disrupts.

Richard has gone on to acquire more than 70 US copyrights on top of launching and guiding projects that made massive enterprises at X Development as well as in the business-supported startup world. Richard has become an innovation expert because of his vast exposure in hands-on engineering, managerial, and operational activities because his work cuts across different domains such as academic, corporate, and technical areas ranging from Fortune 100 ventures, startups, and minor teams, ballooning at high altitudes, as well as consumer electronics.

Richard intends to assist people in comprehending culture, leadership. By alienating the unintelligible buzz from the term innovation, making it a practical tool creates value for society and other ventures.

Richard DeVaul’s Biography

Richard DeVaul is an expert whose experience cuts across many years of practice in engineering, executive, as well as other operational areas. Richard is a CTO, innovation consultant, and research scientist supported by his exceptional communication skills, a strong background in math and physics.

DeVaul has developed a valuable enterprise. This innovator has received about 70 patents, publications and is also an educationist since he has a Ph.D. and an M.S. Read more about Richard DeVaul, here.


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