SextPanther, a Twist on Adult Messaging

SextPanther is a platform designed for adult texting and made to be both safe and fun to use. It currently has millions of people who use the platform and has increased in popularity lately due to the social distancing and lockdowns of the Covid-19 Pandemic. SextPanther is used by adult content creators to be able to connect to fans safely and without having to share their personal phone numbers.

Users primarily send texts, but can also make phone calls or video calls with SextPanther. SextPanther is not an app like Snap Chat or KIK, but is a website based program. The website allows for content creators to pick a variety of packages and plans to interact with their fans in the manner they feel best. It is not a fully free service, but is a very low cost for users to enroll into and start being able to chat.

Privacy is very important for SextPanther. Using this service helps keep the content creator’s phone number and payment information secure. SextPanther also offers customer service and technician help in case the users or creators are experiencing issue with the website.

SextPanther seems to be a viable and safe way for creators to make some extra income and also engage with their fans in a controlled environment. The creators earn their income from SextPanther by getting a commission on the payments of the SextPanther users. With many adults favoring texting over calls or other forms of communication, the number of users enjoying the website should only increase as time goes on. SextPanther’s: Twitter.