The Story of Beachbody

ShakeologThanks to Beachbody, you don’t need a lot of time, money or available space to work out on a regular basis. Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler, the company prides itself on offering personal wellness solutions that are accessible to everyone. There are more than 85 exercise programs that are designed to meet your needs regardless of your age or physical fitness level. You can maintain your healthy habits between workouts with Shakeology, which is a line of healthy drink options.

Carl Daikeler Always Wanted To Be the Story

According to Daikeler, he wasn’t happy simply talking about what other people were doing with their lives. Instead, he wanted to be the one who helped others realize their dreams. He created Beachbody out of a desire to make living a healthy lifestyle fun and engaging. A majority of the workout programs that the company offers were based on concepts that he used to motivate himself to stay active when all he wanted to do was be lazy.

Shakeology Offers a Convenient Way to Adhere to Dietary Guidelines

In addition to exercising on a regular basis, you’ll need to eat right to get into peak physical condition. Shakeology offers you a convenient method of consuming an ideal balance of fruits and vegetables in a single setting. Furthermore, you can take your drink with you to work, school or the gym, which makes it easier to fuel your body properly regardless of how busy life gets.

What Else You Should Know About Beachbody


Beachbody prides itself on creating a community of people who are all seeking to live healthier lives. This sense of community is what Carl Daikeler cites as the reason why his company has a customer retention rate of more than 90%. Furthermore, Daikeler believes that allowing people to workout on their terms differentiates the brand from others in the exercise space.