Tim Murawski Revolutionizes Healthcare with Augmedics

Tim Murawski has been with Augmedics for almost two years, and in that time he has taken on a variety of roles. As the president and chief commercial officer of the company, Tim is in charge of sales, marketing, and international markets. He also oversees operations for product development. The company’s first product, Chronomem, was approved by the FDA in December 2016. Chronomem, Tim Murawski explains, is a medication used to treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain in adults. Augmedics develops pharmaceutical products for the orthopedic industry. Since then, Augmedics has been working to bring more products to market.


One of those products is the new and improved version of Chrome that could be administered as an oral dosage form. Research and development is a core component of the company’s business strategies. In fact, Tim has been instrumental in the launch of several products, such as Chronomem, that have never been seen before in the industry. He also oversees operations for product development (Topionetworks). 


Tim’s leadership over the product development team has helped to bring Chronomem to new heights. The successful businessman Tim Murawski has been a very important figure in the biotechnology field for years. In addition to that, Tim Murawski has also held key positions at some of the world’s biggest and most prominent companies. Before joining Augmedics, he worked for Mazor Robotics. Mazor is the company that created the first robotic arm for use in people with paralysis. 


This arm was developed for the severely injured limb and not meant to be a general prosthetic like Tim’s current company is offering. Tim’s work at Mazor earned him several inventions that were made into products that could change lives and help to improve patient mobility, such as the MicroClimate electrotherapy system. The MicroClimate electrotherapy system uses a microprocessor to deliver therapeutic electrical pulses to damaged muscles or joints. Tim Murawski has managed to help grow every company he has worked for tremendously. Augmedics has seen major growth in the past few years, and with continued innovation, it looks like they’re set to continue their trajectory for a long time. It’s clear that Tim brings plenty of expertise to his role as President and Chief Commercial Officer at Augmedics