Tom Chang, MD and Potential Efficiencies of AI in Ophthalmology

Tom Chang, MD is a California-based Ophthalmologist who has been in practice for more than 20 years. He is the founder of Acuity Eye Group, a group that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and early intervention of eye disease. Its very own Acuity 360 Eye Exam is a short screening test that allows for the detection of potential medical issues dealing with the eye. Tom Chang MD as well as other physicians and researchers have a good feeling about the potential benefits that Artificial Intelligence programs, such as the Acuity 360 Eye Exam, will have on the healthcare field. 


The focus is primarily on efficiency. Artificial Intelligence programs are being designed to make more information available to any kind of  physician in a shorter amount of time while also being easier to dissect and apply to patient accurate diagnoses and treatments. According to Tom Chang MD, these programs will also benefit patients in a way that will make it less of a hassle to schedule medical appointments and ultimately encourage them to take more of a proactive role in their health. This is especially important for those like Dr. Chang in the field of Ophthalmology because the eyes seem to be a common part of people’s health that they tend to neglect. 

The Acuity 360 Eye exam system is also very effective in successfully treating patients with diseases of the macular and retinal circulation. His efforts at improving the health of the retina have led him to develop cutting-edge devices that increase the efficiency of eye surgery and decrease the risk of any eye surgery complications such as blindness. Because of his leadership in the industry, Dr. Tom Chang MD has received numerous awards including the American Ophthalmologists Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award. It is important to note that the intention of Artificial Intelligence programs is not to replace physicians, but rather to assist them in making more accurate diagnoses, focused treatment programs, and producing more positive outcomes for patients.