Vik Bansal's Insights on the Global Future of Sustainable Steel

Vik Bansal published an article on the global future of sustainable steel. The article discusses how steel companies are looking to secure their supply chains to ensure enough raw materials for their operations. This is largely being driven by concerns over climate change and environmental sustainability and a search for new markets due to slow demand in China.

Vik Bansal also highlights the work being done by steel companies to improve their environmental performance and outlines some of the challenges that lie ahead.

Looking at the global future of sustainable steel, it’s clear that several factors drive companies to secure their supply chains. Climate change and concerns over environmental sustainability have led many steelmakers to seek new sources of raw materials. The slowdown in demand from China and other markets has also led to a search for new opportunities, increasing suppliers’ pressure to meet this rising demand.

Vik Bansal points out that many steel companies are improving their environmental performance and outlines some of the challenges ahead as we look forward to 2018 and beyond.

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