Wes Edens Helping Major League Soccer Team Expand its Footprints

Of course, football teams know their worth outside their playing ventures. While it is possible to trademark sports team names, Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens have filed a trademark name for Aston Villa. The premier league’s team soccer franchise prospects to carve a niche in Las Vegas as a major league soccer team. Trademarks are crucial to an extensive part. The lucrative nature of transforming a team like Aston Villa into a brand is the co-owner’s idea. The billionaires Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens hold that the notion of trademarking the team in Las Vegas forms part of a wide-ranging plan to develop the soccer franchise.

Trademark poises to bring forth potential benefits. Indeed, displaying trademarks in prominent places augments sales by winning fans of the team. The trademark by the billionaires is projected to be valid for various aspects, including sporting events. According to United States Trademark Office, trademarking is integral in creating a solid branding for several business transactions, more so sports sponsorship deals. Wes Edens, an eminent figure in NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks, is intrigued by expanding MLS team footprints in Las Vegas. This venture is central in making a profound impact in the sports industry.

Furthermore, league commissioner Don Garber holds that Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Diego are a few suitable places for MLS to carve a niche market. MLS prospects to scale and include the 30th franchise inspire the integrity and value of the league. Of course, the ongoing process will see the league expand to 29 teams with the incorporation of Charlotte in the preceding year and St. Louis in 2023. According to the Associated Press, the Charlotte team dished out $320 million to see it land a viable opportunity in the scope. Additionally, Wes Eden’s Fortress Investment Group has merged with Brightline, a modern rail company, to address the 21st-century transportation challenges through linking Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

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